Social Responsibility

Fairness and respect

Fairness is everything, our success is shaped by fairness, respect, and promotion of skills and gifted workers. This in order to build long lasting relationships that are mutual and beneficial.

We regard company health promotion schemes as the success factor for our corporate activities. We therefore want to give our employees optimal safety so that accidents during work time and work-related illnesses can be prevented.
All this serves the future-proof quality of products and productions methods, the health of our employees and customers, and last but not least, the safeguarding of workplaces.

Improving skills, culture and training 

How we succeed at Amir Elbaz includes training and improvement of skills. This corresponds to the company’s self-image of making a contribution to society. On the other hand, Amir Elbaz regards this as an opportunity of winning over qualified and motivated employees in the medium term.


we strive to work and produce furniture that is in compliance with all applicable environments regulations and to operating in a manner that protects and improves the quality of our environment. This goal will guide our manufacturing operations, the development of new products, and our interaction with suppliers and customers.

All Amir Elbaz employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with this policy that includes participating in efforts to improve the environment. We conduct our business so that the environmental challenges are managed as an integral part of current business strategies.

Youth development

As part of our social responsibility we provide career chances for talented and highly skilled youths, even with little to no experience at all, to have a fair start in life and help build their futures.