Luxurious & Unique

Classic furniture with an artistic touch that makes you feel the luxury

منتجاتنا عرض كل المنتجات

Each piece of furniture is carved and decorated with artistic touch, made so carefully to satisfy your needs.

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Amir Furniture

In Amir Elbaz we craft iconic furniture that creates a feeling of majesty.
اقرأ المزيد

As quality products gains your trust, we aim to satisfy all your needs with magnificent, luxurious and high quality furniture.

Good & high quality is our main concern, since it's rarely found anywhere else. That's how we build sustainable relationships with our customers.

Magnificence & Quality


Unique Designs
 Each piece of our furniture is designed following the luxury classic guides & decorated with an exceptional art touches. The inlay is spectacular and the compositions reveal our uniqueness

Materials Quality
We mixed different types of materials and accessories to make our products timeless and comfortable with a smooth texture. 


Our Management
A team of professionals dedicating their time and efforts to be at your service and provide you with the required support. 

Our Craftsmen 
Highly skilled team aiming to create artistic pieces ,sophisticated designs and excellent finishes to make you feel the luxury. 

شهادة الايزو 9001

في عام 2005، حازت المؤسسة على شهادة الايزو 9001 كمكافئة على جهودها في مجال صناعة الاثاث في مصر. وتم تكريم...

انضم لنا

انضم لنا لتحصل على افضل العروض والخدمات في عالم صناعة الاثاث....

نمنحك افضل تجربة

  دائما ما نسعى لدراسة حالة السوق المحلي والعالمي ونجمع افضل واحدث المنتجات، لذلك اكتسبنا ثقة اكثر من 100 مؤسسة...